April Update: Theme Creation and Ebooks

Hello and sorry for the lack of recent posts, I have been working away at a new project. Well two new projects actually. Let me tell you about these first then I’ll update you on everything else.

The Ebook

I mentioned this briefly in my last post. I’ve started an ebook utilizing knowledge I already have. I’m roughly halfway through it and haven’t spent a whole lot of time on it in the past two weeks, I’ve been digging into the other soon to be mentioned project of mine. I am extremely excited about this though, the best of course is that submitting it and making money off of it is absolutely free via the Kindle Direct Publishing platform. It’s actually pretty amazing, you can write just about anything on a subject, price it, submit it, and then promote it to increase sales and you have the power of the amazon store to promote it for you. Obviously the pitfall here is the density of the Kindle store. I’m realizing after some research that you really have to make sure you have a niche and do some solid keyword research when crafting your title and content.

Theme Creation

I have a fellow programmer at work who is going to help me in the creation of a new business. We are basically going to be creating themes to sell on themeforest.net. We are both WordPress/php developers at our day jobs so it only makes sense to at least give it a try. I mentioned that I was selling the source code for my app on that site and it has done remarkably well. I’ve had 14 sales in 2 weeks since posting it. Which is pretty nice for something I already had that I wasn’t using.

Other Income Streams from March that are not job related:

  • Blog: 16 cents in March from Adsense Revenue
  • Tutoring: $50 – The wifey started a part time job so she’s doing that instead of tutoring
  • Babysitting/housesitting/petsitting for a weekend: $800
  • ¬†Codecanyon: $84
  • Apps: $5.20
  • Total Side Income for March: $936.20

Obviously that number is not where we want it to be and the bulk of it was a gig that only happens once every 2-3 months so it’s nothing we can rely on. This is one month into this project and I feel confident that it’s possible to acheive my goal at this point. It’s just about maintaining the motivation to succeed and not giving up when things don’t work out.

What’s not working

Apps for one are definitely not working. I think this has a lot to do with lack of keyword research in titles, and a lot to do with the density of the games category in the apple app store. It is incredibly difficult to get your app noticed. After the 4th reskin I realized that the apps were basically invisible on the app store after about 1 week. So if you cant drive enough organic traffic to your app in that timeframe it will basically be lost forever. This is a key reason why the major players in the app market keep doing well because they can promote their new games to their millions of users they already have making it much harder for indie games to get into the hands of people who might like them because of all of the distraction/advertising for other games.

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