My Journey as it Stands Now; Goals and Background

This is the first posting in a series that’s going to allow you to track my progress as I achieve my financial goals. The information in other post throughout the blog are things that I have learned from pitfalls and mistakes that I have made, as well as extensive research into the topics at hand. This is going to allow you to actually see my status, and watch me as I hopefully(progress) through my goals. One step at a time. I plan to update this at the end/beginning of every month with our progress and any time I create a new stream of income.

First, some background

I’m young, 25 to be exact. I have a Business degree and a technical minor. Currently I work full time as a web developer for a large private company in the southeast United States. I am married and we have a child with four legs (our dog). My wife, as of this post is just starting a small part time retail job, she also does private tutoring, but I will go through that in more detail below.

Current Financial Situation


Currently we have no large scale debt, the only debt we do have is an expense of $130 a month for the financing of a computer I recently bought.

  • Laptop – $130 per month

Income Sources

  • My job (I havent decided if I want to disclose this as of right now)
  • Wife’s job (Unknown as she is literally filling out new hire paperwork as I write this post)
  • iOS App (Balloon Break) – $10 a month on average.
  • This Blog – 0 dollars currently
  • Beginner WordPress Training – 2 hours a week which comes to $160 a month
  • Private Tutoring (Wife) – 3 hrs a week at this moment or $360 a month (Yes her rate is higher than mine)\
  • Total income outside of jobs: $530  per month


  • Rent, cable, utilites excluding power(We have a package deal) – $1100 per month
  • Power – ~$100 a month
  • Car Insurance/Cell phone – $200 per month
  • Budget – We have a hard budget of $250 a week, we tend to exceed it by 20-30 per week – $1,120 per month
  • Laptop payment – $130 per month
  • Total: $2,650 per month


Currently we are saving about $1,500 a month overall, take note, that I didn’t include mine or my wifes day job income in the above example. The main goal here is to increase our income from sidejobs to match out expenses, thats the eventual goal, but the current goals are outlined below:

  1. Finish our Emergency Fund: We’re roughly 35% of the way, we just moved across states and it was quite a hefty expense so we took a pretty hard hit, so replacing that is top priority – Target Date: July 2015
  2. Replace Rent Package Expense with side job/passive income – Target date: January 2016
  3. Replace Budget Expense + Above Expense with side job/passive income – Target date: July 2016
  4. Replace all Expenses with side job/passive income – Target date: January 2017
  5. Replace my current income with side job/passive income – Target Date: January 2018

These my seem pretty hefty, but that’s the point. I’m assigning my myself aggressive goals so that I will work harder and not give up. The sooner I can start generating passive/side income, the more likely I am to continue with my goals. So I have intentionally created this so that I can, if I choose too, semi-retire(Work less than 10 hours a week) in 3 years.

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