Progress Update: New Blog Traffic and Some App Reskins

Hello all, sorry for the delayed post, I meant to have this out yesterday but its been a crazy week. I just want to update you on traffic for the new blog and some apps I created this week.

App Reskinning

I managed to reskin my current app 3 times and submit them all to the app store. I tried some keyword targeting this go around and some different categorizations for the apps. I’m gonna wait and see how these do over the next week so that I can see how I can improve for the next round of apps. So far 1 has been approved as they currently have an 8 day average wait time. 2 and 3 should be approved by Wednesday and Thursday of this week and I’ll give an update on earnings at the end of the month for those once I get some real numbers.

A note about time spent on each reskin, The first one took me about 4 hours, but I completed number 3  in just over an hour and a half. Hopefully this will net me decent returns on my time, but you just never know with apps.

In other news, I’d like to give an update on blog traffic, not many sites issue new blog traffic information so in the hopes that others can also contribute, I’d like to throw out an update. This blog is 12 days old.

New Blog Traffic

My stats according to google analytics (good or bad) are as follows:

  • 235 Sessions
  • 79 Users
  • 543 Pageviews
  • 2.3 Pages Per Session
  • 04:52 avg session duration
  • 76.17% Bounce Rate
  • 216 AdSense Impressions
  • $0 AdSense Revenue

Some notes about the new blog traffic stats above.

I started my adsense about 5 days in, so thats why the page views don’t line up with impressions, I also do not have ads above the fold on my homepage which accounts for a lot of missed impressions.

Bounce rate seems to be highly skewed from what I’ve read, basically if a user only views 1 page and then leaves, it counts as a bounce, whether they spend 1 second on the page or 10 minutes on the page because google cant actually track them unless they go to another page on your site.

I have about %10 of pageviews that come from what are being reported as spam, they are sources such as daoradar and others from Russia. I don’t fully understand what they are trying to do, but I do get pageviews from them, but I do not get Adsense Impressions.

Leave a comment below if you own a new blog and report some traffic statistics or if you have any questions about anything I’ve posted here, ask away! I’ll be happy to get back to you.


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  • Looks like we’re both starting off on the same page here. My blog is a few weeks old too 🙂 I wouldn’t worry too much about adsense for now though

  • Well, It’s more about playing with it and optimizing it now so that I know it works, That way if I ever do get a decent amount of traffic, I don’t have to worry about breaking something when I try to install it. Also, I am going to move it so that I don’t have any above the fold. You’ll notice my home page is only below the fold, on the left side of the page and subpages are before content and after content. So I may just strip out the above content block and leave the rest. Nice blog btw, I like that theme. ; )