The Thesis, A New Take on Life and Income

What if you could replace your expenses with actual cash and turn your whole world upside down. Stop asking "what else can I cut back on" and start asking, "What can I create that will increase my wealth with these savings?"

As a new blog owner, I scour the web searching for other blogs with a likeminded interest. Don’t get me wrong they do exist, there are thousands of blogs about being frugal and thrifty, but there aren’t half as many blogs about making money in a cost effective way as there are about saving money. I wonder if people ever consider trying to make money instead of saving it. I mean is saving money to the point that you live a ridiculously dull, boring life really worth it? In the interest of full disclosure, we do budget, we have cut back on a lot of unnecessary expenses that we use to indulge in. This post is more about encouraging you to think, not about stopping you from saving.

Change your perspective

People seem to have a mindset that they can just save and save and eventually, when they are 65, they will retire and forever be happy. I just have one question. WHY? What does your happiness revolve around? Is it your family? because if you retire at 65, all of your kids will likely be in there mid 20’s or 30’s and the days of watching them grow up will be gone forever. Maybe it’s the time you spend with your spouse. I respect that, as coming home is the best part of my day. What if it wasn’t about coming home? What if the majority of the time you spend every day is spent with your spouse? or your family? or whatever makes you happiest?

A better question

Why would you want to save when you could be earning? What if you could replace your expenses with actual cash and turn your whole world upside down. Stop asking “what else can I cut back on” and start asking, What can I create that will increase my wealth with these savings? I am a firm believer that it is possible for everyday people to create cost effective, economical,  sources of income that can provide for major expenses in their life and create very little extra work.

It wont be easy

This is NOT going to be about making 10 cents from a 30 minute survey every day, this will require work, actual work. This will require you to learn new skills, to go outside your comfort zone, to do things you would never do. It will require a sacrifice of your time, of the savings you hold so dear. I believe that putting in an insane amount of effort into mostly passive income can yield results of significant value that far exceeds the amount of time you put first put in.

How do I know

Well, thats the thing. I don’t. That’s why this blog exists, to document my journey through the process and if it works, to help people who want to do the same thing. People like me, who don’t want to cut back, people who want to live happy thriving lives that aren’t watered down and diluted by the need to save money. People who want to build their own version of happiness through whatever income they deem necessary. So what am I selling? NOTHING, I don’t want to sell you a product, or an ebook, or even an email subscription. This is about more than that. This is about a new way of thinking. Educating people who think they can’t possibly create anything of value to other people and watching me as I do it.

This is my thesis

This post is a thesis of sorts, a commitment, I will work incredibly hard, with as much effort as I can possibly muster toward this goal because I truly believe that the 40 hour work week can be a thing of the past, that reliance on a single income stream, or even two is an absurd, impractical, fear inducing way of living. I believe that spending more time at work than you do with your family is an awful thing to ask of anyone, and most of all I believe that We all have a choice whether we want to live this way or not. You may not agree with me, you may say that what I have written here is unfair and it only applies to a choice few, because it “takes money to make money” and that only influential “experts” and people with the “right skill set” can really create income outside of a day job. To those people, I beg you to stick around, at the very least to laugh at me when and if I fail miserably.

But if you’re with me,

My plan is that 3 years from now, I will have enough passive income to work less than 10 hours a week if I choose too. If it sounds aggressive, it’s because it is. I am literally starting from nothing. I have around $10 dollars a month that I make off an iOS app whose income continues to fall and I may not see $5 off of this entire month. I will need your support and your help and in return, I will give you every piece of advice I have learned from the journey I set out on. Come with me, help me turn my dreams into reality.

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