Three Ways I’m Diversifying My Income Right Now

This week I’ve gotten really motivated to diversify my income and really get some things going to grow wealth. Last week I reskinned my app 3 times and I’m not seeing much in the way of returns on that time I spent but its still early in their life cycle. So I’ve spent this week finding new ways to create and build wealth and I’ve taken action steps on all 3.

1. Selling Source Code

I’m a developer by trade, thats no secret. So I’m selling my apps source code on Code Canyon so that others can reskin it. It’s a submission process and has to be approved so I’m still waiting on approval for it. If it goes well, I may start to create html templates and wordpress templates to be sold there as it is a very big market. So how can you make money doing this? Well Envato also takes Photos on and Website Designs on themeforest, So if you have any interest in those arenas, there’s no reason you can’t submit some photos and see if you get approved. It’s incredibly easy to sign up and become an author so there’s really no reason not too.

2. Write an Ebook

I’ve been in the web industry for 8 years and I know a lot about it. One thing I know is that small business owners get overcharged for websites that almost never look as good as the majority of the premium templates on Themeforest. I also know that web development companies love to charge outrageous prices for hosting to cover their recurring cost and keep their income normalized. I can teach people how to create almost any type of website from an e-commerce store to a premium video course site with multi tiered pricing. Not only is it cost effective, but I can teach them to do it without writing a single line of code. That’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’ve already written the first chapter and I’m doing some idea generation for the domain name as we speak.

This is one anybody can do. No matter who you are you have interest, If you have ever worked or been in the workforce, it’s likely you have a skill. A skill that you can most likely teach other people and that other people are interested in. So write an ebook and sell it. If you don’t want to create a domain for it, you can always publish it in the Kindle store for free.

3. Create another Blog

I’m actually not doing this, it’s my wifes blog. She already loves writing and she has tons of hobbies that she enjoys including fitness, nutrition, healthy cooking, and baking. We already have the domain, logo and the theme installed. Once we get some content up, I’ll be sure to link to it. This is also gonna be a part of her side gigs. She does baking on the side for company events locally and we’re going to use this as a platform to help that business.

Blogs are incredibly easy to get started and are a great avenue for you to get some thoughts out. I personally have loved it and have gotten the wife obsessed with it too. Depending on your niche and interest you can probably make a little money with it too.

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  • Good luck with the new blog. I think its great that you guys are doing it together. The food niche is a great one to be in and she could make a lot of money or at least put a good dent in that part of the blogosphere.

  • Thats solid advice. My blog is young and I’m technically not doing anything terribly well as of this point. Most of these aren’t time consuming for me in particular with the exception of the ebook. I’m leveraging things I already own and know to make a little more money on the side. I’m not sure what you think I’m doing well? Hopefully blogging as I put a lot of effort in to writing and promoting it, but I cant really tell as I don’t have a large audience yet. Thanks for the comment and I appreciate you stopping by.

  • Yes! She’s really excited and supports this endeavor 100%. I’m blessed to have a wife thats so supportive and she loves writing so she’s super excited to get started blogging and promoting her small local baking business.

  • Sounds like your doing many things great keep it up!