What to do When Simple Living Effects Your Relationships

When it comes to personal relationships and saving money, I think we can all agree that there can be some friction between other close friends who may not be like minded or may even just have a little more budgeted to spend than you do. Most of you know I’m not a huge saver and I don’t do crazy things like live on ridiculously low $X dollar amount every month. Budgeting, however is something I am a big advocate of and I don’t believe in spending extraneous amounts of money for nothing. That being said I am young and I have friends who love to go out and eat and that is often the only time we get to spend time with these close friends apart from texting and the occasional gathering. So I’ve compiled some lists (because I love lists) of alternatives to eating and going out.

First though, lets talk about why we even care. It’s likely that you do care even if you pretend not too. Most people thrive on relationships and even if you are an introvert you very likely have a close friend or two that you confide in that you need to spend time with to vent and get some stress out. The key here is that relationships & happiness are way more important than any amount of money you could save. Just like you need your friends, they likely need you even if they don’t tell you that to your face.


1. Offer to have everyone come to your fancy abode and all throw in for a meal, everyone will likely get off cheaper and it might be a better meal if there is a decent cook around

2. If that doesn’t fly, at least try to convince them to go fast casual instead of a sit down. At least that way your saving 20% because I know all of you are excellent tippers(waiters have budgets too.)

3. Friends wanna go to a nightclub? try searching for free local events, right now in the summer months there is almost always an event going on in most medium-large cities. Most events are free with vendors available to provide food and drinks. At least that way your not limited to a 20 dollar meal and you can bring something along or eat before you go and not feel awkward for not ordering.

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